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Acoustic guiding beacons

AGB is an information and wayfinding element facilitating spatial orientation for the blind and visually impaired. It can be started using a remote control device carried by the user. This item is already included in the Decree No. 398/2009 Coll. - hospitals, regional offices, station buildings, public transport handling terminals and underground stations are required to be equipped with these. Other publicly accessible buildings are required to mark the access to the building by means of a natural or manmade line. If that is not possible, then acoustic means must be employed. Ideally, these items should be combined, because during the winter season the function of lines is significantly reduced.

Akustický maják - Dinasys  Akustický orientační majáček Akustický orientační majáček Akustický orientační majáček Akustický orientační majáček Akustický orientační majáček Akustický orientační majáček

Main features

  • Sound recordings are stored on a SD/MMC card as MPEG1/2 Layer 3 (MP3) in CD quality (MP3).
  • Powerful amplifiers to provide low power consumption
  • More features can be added to the beacon to expand the range of applications:
    • Messages can be changed depending on the condition of the external device or commands transmitted by the bus.
    • The beacon can control other devices, such as doors and alarms, or short text messages can be sent to specified persons.
    • Powered by either 230V or low voltage (12V)
  • Beacon firmware upgrades are possible


  • The beacon provides acoustic guiding, informing the user about the position and other orientation/information points.
  • Playback is triggered by a remote control device carried by the partially sighted or blind person; periodical triggering using the built-in machine is an option.
  • The volume can be adjusted, so the beacon can be used in rather noisy settings - the beacon has a rugged ABS enclosure (IP64/5 enclosure)

Once properly installed, the beacon must be provided with a very well treated voice message that helps blind and visually impaired to navigate into the building and gives the basic information about it. Our team installs the beacon for you, processing the texts according to the rules of spatial orientation, uploading them and putting everything into service. If necessary, the text can be re-recorded subject to the current redesigns or changes to the forecourt or building. If necessary, we arrange for necessary wiring, or explain your technician how to do it.

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