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Dinasys - Diskrétní navigační systém

Wayfinding systems

Ensuring seamless accessibility of buildings for all citizens is a long-term task. Some of accessibility elements are already required by the Decree No. 398/2009 Coll. the technical requirements for barrier-free use of buildings.

Making public buildings accessible is also a long-term commitment of the EU, in particular one contained in the plan to make Europe barrier-free by 2020. The Czech Republic was one of the first to sign in 2009 the "UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" and commit to the ensuing steps that ensure the accessibility of education, employment, transport, infrastructure, buildings, voting rights and the legal capacity of persons with physical or sensory disability.

DINASYS offers a comprehensive approach to this challenging process, targeting chiefly the visually impaired and blind persons.

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