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Acoustic guiding beacons

AGB is an information and wayfinding element facilitating spatial orientation for the blind and visually impaired. It can be started using a remote control device carried by the user. This item is already included in the Decree No. 398/2009 Coll. - hospitals, regional offices, station buildings, public transport handling terminals and underground stations are required to be equipped with these. Other publicly accessible buildings are required to mark the access to the building by means of a natural or manmade line. If that is not possible, then acoustic means must be employed. Ideally, however, these items should be combined, because during the winter season the function of lines is significantly worsened.

Acoustic guiding beacons - technical parameters

Where should the AGB be installed?

  • • Medical facilities and pharmacies • Office areas (city office, labour authority, social welfare office, etc.) • Financial institutions • Sports facilities • Business centres • Police • Generally, this involves buildings that permit access of the public

How acoustic guiding beacons work?

The beacon is triggered by a remote control device. The acoustic signal first guides the user to the entrance of the building, which for transport systems is a subway, underground station, etc., informing the user about the building in that it provides details such like the name of the building, basic information about what is found behind the front door, or which further guidance and information elements the structure contains. When idle, the beacon does not disturb the surroundings in any way.


The beacon is placed with respect to good audibility and orientation function - e.g. along the entrance axis. The operating position is arbitrary. The remote control range is 50 to 150 m.

Remote control

Visually impaired and blind persons may wish to apply for reimbursement of the device. The controller has Czech and Slovak frequency, the frequency switch placed directly on the item.

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